The Greatest Pitch™

Helping entrepreneurs obtain funding and exposure for their companies while providing entertaining and educational content for millions of viewers.

Applicant Agreement
The Greatest Pitch, LLC ("TGP") is in the business of encouraging the growth and success of its entrepreneurial applicants, not stealing or sourcing their ideas. The online applications, pitch decks, and videos submitted by the applicants and early-stage companies for The Greatest Pitch™ will be stored in our secure database and only accessible by members of TGP's team, the Advisory Council and potential members of the Investor Panel. The Advisory Council is solely responsible for reviewing and scoring all applications submitted. If you are not comfortable with our Advisory Panel reviewing certain information in your application, then please avoid including such information in your application however by doing so you may be holding back information needed to properly consider your application.

The protection of your intellectual property rights is your responsibility. Although TGP will never publish your application, patent rights can be diminished or lost if steps are not taken to protect those rights. Therefore, we strongly advise our applicants, and potential applicants, to consult an attorney before making any disclosure of intellectual property rights in their application to TGP. Finally, please do not ask TGP to sign a non-­--disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Again, we are not in the business of taking our applicants' ideas. We will be receiving and reviewing thousands of applications, some of which may contain similar concepts and ideas.

In addition, we may share aggregated information with third parties, such as marketing professionals, investors, and advisors, for the purpose of promoting The Greatest Pitch™ or conducting general business analyses. For example, we might share information with our marketing professionals regarding which services of our site are the most popular, where our applicants are based, or in which industries our applicants are most represented or under-­-- represented.

By submitting your application, you hereby release TGP, its affiliates and their respective members, managers, directors, officers, shareholders, employees, and licensees from any and all claims relating to your application. If you are selected by the Advisory Council to make a presentation to an Investor Panel, you will need to enter into a separate agreement regarding that participation in The Greatest Pitch™ before you will be able to make your presentation.